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Punda Maria Main Camp - Kruger Park

Punda Maria lies in the northernmost part of the Kruger National Park, 10 km from the Punda Maria Gate. The camp is situated in the Sandveld region that is often described as the botanical garden of the Kruger National Park. Numerous plant species occur which are unique to the area.

Game species most likely to be sighted include impala, zebra, buffalo, elephant, eland and sable. The area is also a birder's paradise. Game can prove sparse, but kudu, nyala, buffalo and sharpe’s grysbok thrive in this habitat. Wild Dogs are regularly recorded too. Elephant and lion are also frequently recorded.

The Moahonie Loop is also the best venue in the park to see the diminutive suni antelope. A trip to Pafuri will produce plenty of nyala and impala, and possibly some bushbuck. Vervet monkey and baboon will be seen in abundance and plenty of hippo and Nile crocodile in the riverbed itself.

Birding throughout the camp is excellent. Birds of prey are common overhead. Black Eagle is sometimes seen, while in winter the Whitenecked Raven is a regular visitor. 

The camp is in sandveld. The sandy soil means the area is well drained and several natural springs occur. The plant communities are very complex. No single tree species dominates, but several species are restricted to this ecozone. Visitors should search for white syringa, mixed bushwillow, silver cluster-leaf, baobab, pod mahogany, sickle bush and weeping wattle. 

Room Description at :

Campsite (CK6 no powerpoint)
- Base Rate 2 - Max 6 people
- Extra vehicles pay additional rate
- Communal ablutions
- Communal cooking facilities - boiling water - hotplates - washing up facilities
- No power

Campsite (CK6P with powerpoint)
- Base Rate 2 - Max 6 people
- Extra vehicles pay additional rate
- Communal ablutions
- Communal cooking facilities - boiling water - hotplates - washing up facilities
- Powerpoint

Safari Tent (ST2 fully equipped)(ST2Z mobility challenged)
- Permanent furnished canvas tents on stilts
- Base Rate 2 - Max 2 people
- 2 single beds
- Barbeque Facilities
- Ceiling Fan
- Fully equipped kitchenette on verandah - Fridge
- Wc and shower

Bungalow (BG2 communal kitchen)
- Base Rate 2 - Max 2 people
- 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
- Aircon
- Communal Kitchen
- Fridge - No utensils
- Wc and shower

Bungalow (BD3)

- Base Rate 2 - Max 3 people
- 1 bedroom with 3 single beds
- Aircon
- Fridge - Hotplate - Sink - Utensils
- Wc and shower

Family Cottage (FU6)(FU6Z mobility challenged)
- Base Rate 4 - Max 6 people
- 1 en-suite bedroom with a double bed
- 2 en-suite Bedrooms, each with 2 single beds
- 3 bathrooms, each with wc and shower
- Aircon
- DSTV (Limited Channels)
- Open plan kitchen/dining/bar area - Well Equipped

Inclusions / Exclusions

Rates Include:
Accommodation, bedding and 14% VAT

Rates Exclude:
Optional excursions

Extra information

Climate:  Punda Maria is in a summer rainfall area. Next to the Pretoriuskop region it has the highest average annual rainfall in the park at around 650mm/annum. Such precipitation is often convectional and can result in heavy downpours. The summer months (October to April) are hot and sometimes balmy. Winters are warm and mild, although visitors going on night-drives will require warm clothing.

Handy Hints:  Plan your trip – do not try and cover too great a distance. Kruger is a massive tract of land and frequently visitors try to cover too much ground. Slow travel and regular stopping produces much more action than covering a lot of ground.
Early mornings and evening time are usually the most productive game viewing periods
Remember to bring a camera, binoculars, bird and wildlife reference books, a hat and sunscreen lotion. Also remember to take along medicines such as anti-histamine and lotion for insect stings and bites.
Do not leave any food unattended, as thieving monkeys and baboons are a constant threat.

Please Take Note:  The speed limit is 50 km/h on tar and 40 km/h on gravel.
Visitors are not permitted to leave their vehicle other than at designated get out points and rest camps.
Pets are not permitted in a national park
Firearms must be declared at the entrance gate and sealed. The seal will be broken upon departure. Open vehicles must obtain the necessary permit.
Feeding of the animals is strictly prohibited for your own as well as the animal’s safety and well-being.
Kruger is a malaria zone.

Facilities for disabled guests: The camp’s reception facility, restaurant and shop are accessed up a crude ramp that requires upgrading to allow for independent use. Once inside, mobility is fairly straightforward. None of the accommodation units currently have any barrier free facilities, but suggested upgrading is hopefully soon to be realised. The family cottages have bath facilities that can be accessed. The communal ablution facilities on the camp’s upper level can be accessed in a wheelchair, but offer no barrier free facilities. The ablutions for day visitors and campers down at the camp’s lower level have been equipped with ramps that are a little on the steep side for weaker people. There are no specific barrier free facilities inside, but baths can be accessed. The lookout area and boma for camp residents can be accessed with little assistance.

Kruger National Park has implemented additional gate access control system at tis entrance gates in the south of the park. As from 1 September 2017, ALL visitors over years old will be required to produce their identity document, passport or alternative valid identification e.g. driver’s license card for scanning upon entering and exiting the park